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Why are diamonds 💎 so expensive?

Quick answer- Limited supplies of fine quality gems.

So many people around the world wants to be the few that owns high quality diamonds. Most diamonds are found in dirt and soil, but once mined, cleaned and polished, it’s dazzling sparkle shines bright through. This makes the diamond all the more sentimental and such an unique piece of jewelry.

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C.E.O apparel

C.E.O APPAREL: The diamond symbol represents the personality of the owner’s. When purchasing their first home deep in the dirt and soil of South Central Los Angeles, CA., and after cleaning, polishing and building a foundation, they realized they had discovered a diamond in the ruff. Now able to love and cherish the home forever and also adding another accomplishment to their goal list.

BUT GUESS WHAT??? You are the CEO of your own life. You are the CEO of your own business. The business don’t make you, you make the business.


Welcome to C.E.O Apparel - a clothing brand that motivates and reminds you everyday on your road to success. The highest rank in life or business is you. You are a diamond in the ruff that survived the most difficult journey in life, but as a CEO, you control the narrative and outcome… WEAR CLOTHES THAT REPRESENTS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!! 🔑


Now enjoy mega deals - Online & In-store *discounts up to 50% off entire selection. Also take advantage of BUY NOW PAY LATER


^No interest fee with up to 6 weeks to pay off balance. < $100 purchase only pay $25 today- first payment due in two WEEKS> Loving the way I pay!

+Active coupons +



Now Open- TUESDAY-SATURDAY [10am-8pm]

150 w. Slauson ave Los angeles ca 90003



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